Book: Islamic Geometric Patterns (2008)

Islamic Geometric Patterns is a practical book that shows how to draw many different patterns just by drawing lines and circles. It is available in English, French, Farsi and Turkish editions. The English edition is distributed across the world and is also available in online bookshops.

It comes with a CD-Rom with templates, illustrations, animations and much more


escher-389x470In 2013, I wrote an essay called Escher and Islamic Geometric Design in the exhibition catalogue for ‘Escher Meets  Islamic Art’, held in Holland. Famous Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher visited the Alhambra in Spain as a young man and made many drawings. These drawings are still around and it is fascinating to see the direct connection between the Alhambra patterns that caught his eye and how these visibly influenced the work he did in the decades after. .

Book: Islamic Geometric Design (2013)

Islamic Geometric Design is the first comprehensive full-colour art book on the subject. It has over 800 colour illustrations and photographs and presents the subject in a practical and historical content. It has an appendix with step-by-step instruction for over a dozen patterns. It is also available in a French edition.

igd spread for sigd

book coverDraw Islamic Geometric Star Patterns gives step-by-step instructions for several star patterns.

It is available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and various other ebook platforms.



An article with step-by-step instructions on how to make this great fourfold pattern from the Ak Medrese in Nigde, Turkey. Also available in a Turkish translation.

Download it for free from my profile page.

Book: Islamic Design Workbook (2016)

Islamic Design Workbook is like an adult colouring book but more challenging, more educational and more fun. It contains 48 geometric patterns compositions, categorised by region. The book has 48 different loose-leaf pages that correspond to the patterns in the book. These pages have the constructions lines needed to make each pattern in the book. The challenge is to figure out which bits of construction line to trace and which bits to ignore. And then you can colour it.